ITEP Salutes Port Of Los Angeles Executive Director at Annual Dinner

International Trade Education Programs 10th Annual Scholarship Fundraising Dinner

“A decade of Dedication to Students”

Planning for ITEP’s 10th Annual Scholarship and Fundraising Dinner is underway. Scheduled for April 22, 2010, the Scholarship Dinner will be an inspiring time of celebration for students from ITEP’s seven academies throughout California. Geraldine Knatz, the Port of Los Angeles’ Executive Director, will be awarded the 2010 Keeper of the Flame Award.

ITEP Board Member Jim Morgan, chair, Global Safety and Security Committee talks about the excitement building around the organization’s ability to compete for grants and scholarships for high school students. Watch the video here


Many students have success stories after graduating from ITEP. Meet Juan Tafolla


“We would not be here today if we did not receive contributions from companies like the Bettina Weary Trust, Teekay Corporation, Shell Oil Company, the Watson Land Company, and the international trade industry,” said Carol Rowen, CEO & Founder of International Trade Education Programs (ITEP). “We are so thankful to the business and international community that supports us as we celebrate a decade of providing training programs for jobs of the future.

ITEP received $5,000 from Bettina Weary Trust; $30,000 from Teekay Corporation; $10,000 from the Shell Oil Company and $25,000 from the Watson Land Company.

ITEP programs assess the needs of high schools and the surrounding transportation, logistics and industry needs.  ITEP works with schools that need to boost graduation rates, decrease the number of dropouts, and enhance standardized test scores. Students who graduate from the struggling schools rarely had opportunities or motivation to pursue further education or employment. That’s where ITEP comes to the rescue by designing programs to fulfill those needs, guiding and mentoring students on a career path of current jobs of the future. “They discover a whole new world of career choices they would have never imagined,” said Rowen.

ITEP trains high students at various academies

“The International Trade Academy (ITA) is becoming an entrepreneurial powerhouse,” said Rowen. “It two businesses under development – one is a recycling enterprise, in collaboration with ConocoPhillips, Tesoro and SA Recycling and the other —almost ready for launch — is a beauty products company led by ITA Advisory Board Chair Lauren Warren. Some of the other academies training high school students and are becoming a model for the rest of state and nation include:

·        Maritime Agriculture Tourism, Cuisine and Hospitality (MATCH) students have participated in a career study tours ranging from SSA Marine shipping to behind-the-scenes tours atDisneyland and Union Station.

·        Global, Safety & Security (GSS) has introduced safety & security careers at their annual safety & security demonstration day, through a career fair, and by offering technical training ranging from CPR to fire fighting.

·        GESA has started a Maritime Careers speaker series. State Lands, APM Terminals, E2ManageTech, Weston Solutions, Los Angeles Maritime Institute, and the US Coast Guard are active participants speaking about careers ranging from Port Operations to maritime jobs in the government. SA Recycling is working with them on their recycling business model.

·        ITEP Program Coordinator, Harlene Stanley worked with Mojave Express in Barstow onlunch-time career focus sessions in the Library. The first speaker is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard.

·        Carson Global Business Academy has started an electronic waste recycle program to raise funds for the academy.

·        San Pedro Earth Alert is in a startup period with new board members, a new chairman, Michael Schaadt, director of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

ITEP is currently looking for sponsors of the 10th Annual ITEP Scholarship & Fundraiser Dinner, “Celebrating a Decade of Dedication to Students,”

The dinner will be held Thursday, April 22nd, at the Port of Los Angeles Cruise Terminal, Berth 93, San Pedro, CA. There will be student’s exhibits and networking at 4:30 p.m. and the dinner and inspiring program starts at 5:30 p.m. This year ITEP honors Geraldine Knatz, PhD., executive director, Port of Los Angeles, recipient of 2010 ITEP Keeper of the Flame Award.

ITEP will also spotlight Barstow High School Mojave XP Academy; Global Environmental Science (GESA) Academy; Global Safety & Security (GSSA) Academy; Carson Global Business (GBAC) Academy; Maritime Agriculture Tourism Cuisine & Hospitality (MATCH) Academy; Port of Los Angeles International Trade (ITA) Academy and San Pedro Earth Alert (SPEA) Academy.

Additional honors include: The William (Bill) Stein Memorial Leadership Award and student scholarships.

Tom Good, chairman, ITEP Board said, “Transportation and logistics industries suffer from a shortage of qualified workers along the hubs and arteries of international trade, a big part of the nation’s economic driver.”  Good, who heads Sales and Marketing Southwest Region for the Matson Navigation Company, Inc., Long Beach also said, “ITEP fills a critical role of providing the education and experience for those jobs.”

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