Port of LA Authorizes $1.2 Million To Fund Maritime Education

Mike Stevensen, Dep. Exec. Dir., Port of Los Angeles (PofLA image)

Hundreds of Students in Wilmington, San Pedro, Carson and Gardena to Benefit

San Pedro, Calif.Aug. 19, 2010The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners has authorized $1.2 million for the Port of Los Angeles to sponsor maritime-related educational programs in Southern California high schools to promote international trade and career opportunities. The agreement with International Trade Education Programs, Inc. (ITEP) will allow hundreds of students in the Harbor Area and elsewhere to continue to receive classroom knowledge and field exposure to port and maritime business operations, as well as job opportunities connected to the nation’s largest trade gateway.

“Even in lean budget times, we understand how critical it is to educate our youth about the maritime industry and enlighten them to potential career paths,” said Port Deputy Executive Director Mike Christensen. “This investment is well worth it for the dividends that these students produce for our communities.”

ITEP Team and Port of Los Angeles after Commission approved funding for ITEP's maritime education programs and opportunities. (L-R)Martin Chavez, Susie Emami, Francisco Franco, Caroline Brown, Theresa Adams-Lopez, Bonnie Bair, Olivia Amaya, Amy Grat, David VanWaardenburg, James Callahan.

“The Port of Los Angeles has been our strongest supporter,” added ITEP Chief Executive Officer Amy Grat. “The Port’s vision and funding have allowed our programs to flourish and provide educational and career opportunities that would not happen without the Port’s support.”

Previously, the Port of Los Angeles had given grants to ITEP totaling more than $1.2 million. With the latest authorization of funds to be allocated over three years, the Port will have committed more than $2.4 million to ITEP’s wide range of maritime programming. Additionally, many maritime industry companies provide ITEP additional grants and sponsorships. For the full story visit:

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