ITEP students experience career tours of U.S. Coast Guard Base

Photos by Harlene Stanley and Richard DeMaria

Another rare ITEP experience for high school students

San Pedro, CA -On Dec. 1st, five buses carrying more than 200 ITEP academy students from Banning High, San Pedro High and Barstow High arrived at the US Coast Guard base on Terminal Island for what would be a day of exploration and excitement in discovering the almost unlimited career opportunities possible with this branch of the military.

Online job sites, like, have identified a career with the Coast Guard as one of the top ten “most exciting careers” available in the U.S.

Students from the Global Safety and Security Academy, Global Environmental Science Academy, Earth Alert Academy, and Mojave XP Logistics Academy were able to experience this excitement up close as they took part in demonstrations that put them right in the middle of the action.
After being greeted by USCG Captain Roger Laferriere, and ITEP CEO, Amy Grat, the students were split into groups and rotated to the various locations on the base by “Coasties.”

The Health Services Clinic gave students an opportunity to learn what it takes to be an Emergency Medical Technician, and to examine and prepare to transport someone who was wounded.

The Law Enforcement Sector gave students the experience of using the equipment and weapons needed to keep our coastlines safe. Search and Rescue demonstrated how the Coast Guard is able to rescue those who are in peril in the waters.

Students were also able to explore the kind of ultra technology used in a Coast Guard helicopter, or “Helo,” and could talk to pilots who flew these hi tech copters.

Other demonstrations and presentations included Living Marine Resources, Hazardous Waste Materials, and Canine Training, Student response was very favorable, with some students saying that they were going to consider joining the Coast Guard after graduation.

This event has become a annual signature trip for these academies, because of the impression that it makes on students.

ITEP is very grateful for the close partnership it has had with the Coast Guard for several years, and appreciates the willingness of officers and enlisted personnel to take part in academy advisory boards, on-campus presentations, and student coaching.

International Trade Education Programs introduces high school students to careers in international trade, transportation and logistics. ITEP unites business people and educators to prepare students for a meaningful place in the world of tomorrow.

Through the work of our academies, we help meet the needs of the international trade community while providing exceptional opportunities to ITEP graduates.

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