ITEP Founder Carol Rowen Gets A Big Thank You From the Board, Friends and Family

ITEP Founder Carol Rowen (left) is honored for her work over the past decade. ITEP's Gerry Fisher led the tribute.

ITEP Board and business associates, students and school representatives honor Carol Rowen for outstanding contributions to the educational community and Maritime industry

More than four dozen people turned out to honor Founder and past CEO & President Carol Rowen, International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) recently (2-01-11).

Joining the ITEP Board members in the tribute to Rowen’s outstanding contributions were her special friends, including Executive Director Geraldine Knatz of the Port of Los Angeles; Port of Long Beach Commissioner

Mario Cordero, Banning High School Principal Robert Lopez, Metro Ports CEO, James Callahan and her biggest fan and husband, Judge Marvin Rowen.

ITEP Past Chairman Gerry Fisher led the program with an inspiring speech that highlighted Carol’s vision and legacy, and then opened the floor to others to share their own thoughts.

One after another, people came forward to share their own stories about Rowen and ITEP.  Although the leaders from industry and education spoke passionately about their support for Rowen and her vision for ITEP, it was the remarks of the two ITEP alumni present that brought down the house.

ITEP Grad Francisco Franco with ITEP's Bonnie Bair at tribute.

Both Dalia Duran (ITA ’03) and Francisco Franco (ITA ’08) talked about the impact that Carol Rowen and ITEP had had on their high school

experience and how their successes today came from training and experiences only found at ITEP. Duran is a graduate student currently studying International Law at Chapman University. At a recent ITEP Retreat she talks about the exciting opportunities at ITEP. Watch here

Francisco Franco is the Founder & CEO of his family operated Franco

Trucking company doing business in the Ports of LA and Long Beach. He told the crowd and he has mentioned to the media that his successes – were traced directly back to the support and direction he received through ITEP.

Carol’s own remarks were right in keeping with the fiery passion that took ITEP from an idea to reality eleven years ago—she challenged everyone in the room to do what they could to help these kids achieve their dreams….starting with ensuring that this year’s Annual Scholarship Dinner, (March 23rd) is the most successful.

Rowen said she plans to be there to support ITEP and to hear students talk about their eye-opening experiences and powerful opportunities at the ITEP various academies.

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