ITEP Community Service Expo gets students to “Think Globally, Volunteer Locally”

SPEA Literacy Americorps Vounteers Andrew and RichardDeMaria on literacy for students

Through ITEP’s partnership with Americorps, the MATCH academy at Banning High School will be hosting the first annual Community Service Expo (CSX) for ninth and tenth grade students on February 17, 2011. Nearly 30 local non-profit organizations will exhibit at the event.

The Expo provides students with the opportunity to meet and greet local leaders and volunteer organizers. The event addresses a need among Banning students for more community service opportunities.

“Students looked at this as a mere requirement, and really didn’t know what they were supposed to get out of it,” MATCH Advisory Board member Susan Shishim said. “The students did not realize the benefit of having the opportunity to apply learning at a work site, receiving feedback from a work site supervisor, the value of self-directed accomplishments or the value of taking on tasks that involved responsibility and leadership.”

Two newly assigned Americorps members in partnership with ITEP are working diligently to prepare for the Expo. “The Expo will be a great opportunity for both students and non-profits. Americorps and ITEP are thrilled for its debut,” Americorps Member, Richard DeMaria said.
Non-profits such as Adopt-a-Storm-Drain, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, Sharefest, and the Toberman Youth Center plan to participate in the expo.

ITEP's San Pedero Earth Alert helps students learn about their environment with hands on experiences.

(ITEP) Community Service Expo helps students develop skills and self esteem through community service opportunities, for our local non-profits to reach potential volunteers, and for our communities seeking to reinforce a culture of giving back.  “The first step towards global citizenry begins with the development of a local consciousness,” explained CEO Amy Grat, ITEP.  “ITEP helps students to ‘go global’ by ‘volunteering local.’”

“I think the Expo a great opportunity for organizations looking for volunteers to spread the word about their organization and its cause,” Executive Director Cathy Beauregardof Adopt-a-Storm-Drain  said. “I’m excited about meeting so many youth interested in giving back and looking to volunteer.”

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