President of LA Harbor College and Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority CFO Join ITEP Board of Directors

Marvin Martinez
Los Angeles Harbor College

Marvin Martinez is President of Los Angeles Harbor College. Previously, Mr. Martinez was the first Vice Chancellor of Economic and Workforce Development (“E&WD”) for the Los Angeles Community College District (“LACCD”). As Vice Chancellor, he was responsible for providing leadership in the development and support of workforce development programs with all nine colleges in the district. During his tenure, LACCD raised more than $20 million in economic and workforce development grants. For the past 12 years and prior to his role as LACCD’s Vice Chancellor of E&WD, Martinez worked as Vice-President of Planning and Development at Santa Monica College and Dean of Business & Industry. Mr. Martinez began his career at Cerritos College in 1989 as the Director of Economic Development and Coordinator of the Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act (VATEA).

Mr. Martinez earned a Master of Arts in Urban Planning and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Jim Preusch

James Preusch
Chief Financial Officer
Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority

James Preusch initially became involved with ACTA as a part of his role as CFO of the Port of Los Angeles. Serving as Treasurer of the ACTA JPA, from 1989 to 1999, Mr. Preusch assembled the financing team and crafted the multi-sourced funding plan to pay for the $2.4 billion grade separation and rail trench project. He spearheaded negotiations with the US DOT, leading to a flexible $400 million loan that supported much of the up front costs of the project. Mr. Preusch also worked extensively with the rating agencies and bond insurers to build credibility and understanding of the ACTA project, leading to successful bond ratings, and bond insurance. He led the financing team in the sale of almost $1.2 billion in senior, subordinate, taxable and tax-exempt debt, and together with the ACTA management and other members of the financing team negotiated the terms of a $347 million grant from LA MTA. Mr. Preusch also assisted in the 1994 railroad right-of-way negotiations, leading to property acquisition transactions of $386 million. From 2002 to 2004, Mr. Preusch served as co-financial adviser to ACTA. He rejoined ACTA as its CFO in September 2004, and since that time has revitalized ACTA’s accounting and financial reporting, and provided extensive financial modeling support leading to successful settlement of the railroad transloading dispute.
Learn more about ACTA at

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