International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) CEO discusses student job training, opportunities and career success on CNN Headline News

ITEP GSS Academy pose at last year's annual dinner event.

ITEP CEO Amy Grat also talks about the 11th Annual Scholarship Dinner, “Visualizing Tomorrow,” an event that is honoring Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe

Los Angeles, CACNN Headline News Charter Local Edition (CLE) is set to broadcast a live recorded interview focusing on International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) and CEO Amy Grat this Wednesday and Thursday, March 3rd and 4th.

This newsletter caught up with Scholarship Dinner Chair Tom Matson at a board meeting to see how the excitement and energy was building for the annual Dinner March 23rd. Watch here

Grat talks about this year’s Recipient LA County Supervisor Don Knabe of the 2011 ITEP Keeper of the Flame Award. The 4th District LA County supervisor will be honored at ITEP’s 11th Annual Scholarship Dinner, “Visualizing Tomorrow,” to be held at the World Cruise Center, Berth 93, Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, CA on March 23rd. (5:30 p.m.– 8:30 p.m.)

The four and a half minute “live to tape”, in- studio, interview will air on CNN HLN at :24 and :54 minutes past the hour between midnight to 4 p.m. (check local listings)

“We are thrilled to honor Supervisor Knabe and recognize his long-standing support of ITEP as an organization,” said CEO Amy Grat, of ITEP in announcing Supervisor Knabe’s selection for the Keeper of the Flame” Award. “He is passionate about job creation and education for the region and is a terrific role model for our students.”

Previous honorees have included both industry and civic leaders, including Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, former Port of Long Beach Commissioner Jim Hankla, and CEO of Nautilus International Holding Corporation James Callahan.

Grat also talks about how ITEP helps students prepare for careers in the maritime industry. “ITEP connects the high school classroom with the business community,” Grat told TV News Anchor Tracy Young, when asked about high school training and student opportunities.  Grat also noted that when students start thinking about careers early, it helps them succeed in life. ITEP academy students realize they can get into college and get good paying jobs with the right training and experience.

Edy Delgado, an ITEP Academy Graduate talks about his first trip to Washington DC and how he got to sail a big ship for the first time and his first airplane ride to DC. watch here


“We think in terms of pathways,” Grat said. “ITEP introduces students to different career pathways – starting in 10th grade and continuing through high school.” Grat also noted that ITEP starts with community service in 10thgrade.  “This is the first opportunity to introduce students to showing up, taking direction, and being responsible.  And to expose them to opportunities right outside their doors,” she explained.  ITEP recently held is first Community Service Expo, where students were introduced to nearly two dozen nonprofits in the region at Banning High School.


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