Equipment Maintenance Director Craig Andrich of SA Recycling Receives ITEP SPIRIT Award

Earth Alert Board Members from left to right include: Angel Castellanos from Environmental Conversion Recycling; Yvonne Grigsby, SPHS Counselor; Mike Schaadt, Board Chair from Cabrillo Marine Aquarium; Craig Andrich; Lt George Kolumbic, USCG; Amy Grat, ITEP CEO; Beth Elliot, Environmental Sculptor; and Ellen Grigsby, Berg & Associates. Seated are Mary Anne Tippin, Lead Teacher for the Earth Alert Academy and Cassandra Garcia, 11th grade Student Council President. (ITEP image)

By Harlene Stanley, ITEP Program Mgr.

The participation of men and women from local business and community organizations is key to the success of each of ITEP’s eight academies. ITEP appreciates all the industry and business partners we have on our boards who help to raise students’ awareness of career possibilities and options, and demonstrate that we have a vested interest in their future.

During the 2010-2011 school year, one of San Pedro’s Earth Alert Academy local business partners has gone the extra mile to support academy students and staff. For his outstanding efforts and accomplishments, he has received the ITEP SPIRIT Award. Amy Grat, ITEP’s CEO, presented Craig Andrich with the SPIRIT Award at the March Advisory Board meeting on March 3rd.

Craig is the Equipment Maintenance Director from SA Recycling, and is also a San Pedro High School alum. Craig has been a part of the Academy Advisory Board for almost two years, and has actively participated in forming the Advisory Board Action Plan to help motivate students and increase board participation for this school year. He has also helped to organize and implement an on-campus recycling program.

His generosity to the students and staff has been evident this year as he provided about 100 lunches for students and families at the Coastal Clean-Up Day on Sept. 25. 2010. And when the school did not have enough funding to be able to send students to the US Coast Guard Base on Terminal Island for a time of Career Exploration, Craig provided a bus for students to be able to go to the ITEP event in December 2010.

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