Thanks to AmeriCorps Voluneers Andrew and Richie!

Literacy AmeriCorps members Andrew Chung and Richie DeMaria gave their second lesson of an ongoing series entitled “Literacy in the Workplace” at San Pedro High School as part of their April 13th Earth Day celebration. This lesson encouraged students to apply skills learned in English classes in a creative and unique way.

The first lesson at San Pedro was for SPEA students to create an ad and job description for their own business. This second lesson was to research and write a mock report of a fictional natural disaster in Los Angeles. Students located pertinent information on their chosen disaster by visiting various literature stations, gathering information and styles from encyclopedia articles, news articles, books about Los Angeles, fiction books, and photographs.

The lesson was designed to  encourage students to use research  and writing skills in a creative way,  and to get them to think differently  about ways English skills might be  used. Feeling  satisfied with the  outcome, Andrew  expressed that  “San Pedro students really enjoyed the creative aspect of the lesson, and they left class knowing more about relevant natural disasters.”

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