SPEA students convert e-waste into CASH!

On Saturday April 9th, 2011, San Pedro Students collected CPUs, TVs, monitors, laptops, and miscellaneous electronics to help raise money for San Pedro High School’s Earth Alert Academy, and to  raise awareness and generate interest for the “green generation.”  More than 13,000 pounds of electronic waste was collected, more than 50 students volunteered, and over $780.00 was raised for the ITEP Academy in one day!

The fundraiser was open to all members of the community who were able to drive through the school employee parking lot and drop off their old laptops, printers, cell phones, and digital cameras; you name it they brought it! With the partnership of SA Recycling and Environmental Conversion Recycling, all items were received and recycled safely and legally.

Cassandra Renee, San Pedro’s ITEP Academy Earth Alert 11th Grade Student Council President:  “I’m so excited for the future! The past month has been extremely successful! Imagine if we had more of these sooner? I’m sure now that we’ve got a feel for what E-Waste is and what we need to do to improve and expand, we’ll really get the show on the road! Thank you for everyone who helped, and thank you to Environmental Conversion Recycling and SA Recycling, Angel & Jorge, from the SPEA Student Body! ” The success of the event is a testament to the dedication of San Pedro’s high school students  and industry partners  whose have helped  bring  us one step closer in protecting our environment.

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