ITEP’s ITA, GSS, MATCH and GESA Academies welcome the new 10th graders!

Today was an exciting day at Banning High School! With the help of Families In Schools, ITEP welcomed the new batch of 10th graders into their respected Academies: GSS, ITA, MATCH and GESA.

Over 200 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed students and their parents met with lead teachers, ITEP staff and business partners from ComericaThe Port of Los Angeles, Plains All American Pipeline, SA Recycling, APL, Securitas, Fast Lane Transportation, CalScience Environmental Labs, Matson, PCC Logistics, and TopSail Youth Program. It was a great opportunity for students to get an early look at the thriving maritime industry right in their backyard.

Parents were able to ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of what their sons and daughters would be doing in the coming years. As I manned the registration desk, I had the opportunity to talk with parents and watch their eyes light up at the prospect of field trips, job shadowing and  internships that are available when their child joins an ITEP Port Academy. ITEP is excited for the coming school year at Banning High School and thanks Families In Schools and United Way for helping us welcome the class of 2014.Go Pilots!

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