Campus clean up is a step towards a successful career

The idea that a Campus Clean Up activity was going to help the Barstow High School Mojave XP Sophomores prepare for a successful career was a confusing one at first.  But they now understand that many important jobs in our community have to do with the importance of maintaining the roads, streets, parks, and other important aspects of the infrastructure of any community.

Mr. Ronnie Zamora, the Superintendent of Public Works for the City of Barstow, was the guest speaker at the first Campus Clean Up Event for the academy this year.  He volunteered his time to speak to about 30 sophomores on Tuesday, October 25th in the BHS Library.   These students chose to stay after school to hear him share about the jobs available in Public Works and other departments of the City of Barstow.  He answered questions about how to look for jobs online, what each job pays, what type of education and experience is needed for each job, and his own sense of satisfaction with his career choice.

Afterwards, students picked up rakes, hoes, and brooms and had a good time cleaning up the BHS campus.  Some students got a late start at cleaning because they had more questions they wanted to ask.  Mr. Zamora, who has been involved with the Mojave XP Academy in the past, moved easily into casual conversations with the students and provided a great learning experience for these BHS Mojave XP sophomores.

By: Harlene Stanley, Program Manager

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