GESA students present Recycling Awards to industry partners!

The Global Environmental Science Academy (GESA) at Banning High School knows the importance of taking care of the environment and recognizing industry partners who have helped them along the way. GESA students have been active in recycling E-Waste, scrap metal, plastic bottles and aluminum cans for more than three years, and have worked with ITEP Business Partners SA Recycling, Environmental Conversion Recycling and Tesoro to recycle these materials.

At the January GESA Advisory Board Meeting,  GESA  Student Council members were happy to present Ken Pacheco from Tesoro an Appreciation Award for their “Cans for Kids” program. Since 2009, Tesoro has given GESA more than $3,000 for recycling cans.

SA Recycling was also given a large display of pictures with student appreciation comments for their partnership in the on-campus recycling of plastic bottles, as well as for their participation in the Advisory Board, Industry Coaching, Guest Speaking and Facility Tours.

Thank you Environmental Conversion Recycling, SA Recycling and Tesoro! We couldn’t do it without you!

(from L to R) are Nancy Felix, recycling partner from SA Recycling, Carolina  (11th Grade Student Council), Ken Pacheco from Tesoro, and Veronica  (11th Grade Student Council).

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