About ITEP

ITEP Makes it Work

ITEP makes high school work.

With its career-themed academies, ITEP propels students to enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge needed for international trade. Would-be dropouts work to become entrepreneurs and previously disinterested students aim for college under ITEP’s Ten Point Plan. It’s a new approach to education that works, again and again.


Our region’s key industries –international trade, transportation and logistics –are hard-pressed to find qualified employees who can effectively compete in an increasingly globalized economy.

With shrinking budgets and mounting needs, public high schools are challenged to graduate students job-ready and college-prepared. Drop-out rates are high, and student motivation is low.


By connecting industry, high schools and colleges, ITEP creates a learning community that is dedicated to the effort of saving schools and changing young people’s lives.  ITEP partners with industry and educators to deliver a multi-year program of student enrichment opportunities that includes in-class speakers and mentors, team-building field trips, job-shadowing and internships.

ITEP currently supports twelve academies in seven high schools in Southern California and the High Desert, serving approximately 3,300+ students annually.


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