About ITEP

ITEP Makes it Work

ITEP makes high school work.


With its career-themed academies, ITEP propels students to enter the workforce with the skills and knowledge needed for international trade. Would-be dropouts work to become entrepreneurs and previously disinterested students aim for college under ITEP’s Ten Point Plan. It’s a new approach to education that works, again and again.


Our region’s key industries –international trade, transportation and logistics –are hard-pressed to find qualified employees who can effectively compete in an increasingly globalized economy.

With shrinking budgets and mounting needs, public high schools are challenged to graduate students job-ready and college-prepared. Drop-out rates are high, and student motivation is low.


By connecting industry, high schools and colleges, ITEP creates a learning community that is dedicated to the effort of saving schools and changing young people’s lives.  ITEP partners with industry and educators to deliver a multi-year program of student enrichment opportunities that includes in-class speakers and mentors, team-building field trips, job-shadowing and internships.

ITEP currently supports nine academies in six high schools in Southern California, the High Desert, and the Bay Area serving approximately 1,500 students annually.


ITEP’s results speak for themselves. Through our Academy programs, schools have demonstrated:

  • Higher graduation rates: 30% improvement
  • Increased API scores: increase of 130 points
  • Improved grades, attitudes and attendance

“Think Globally, Earn Locally”

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