About ITEP


International Trade Education Programs™ (ITEP) is a Southern California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides brigther futures. Through partnerships with ports, transportation, logistics, and related industries, ITEP prepares high school students for diverse career opportunities in high-growth job sectors. ITEP develops innovative programs that integrate internships and career mentoring with the curriculum of area high schools. The programs encourage young men and women to envision brighter futures and enables students to achieve those goals through scholarships, career exploration, business skills training, and more.

Launched in 1999 with the International Trade Academy at Phineas Banning High School in Wilmington, today ITEP serves more than 5,100 students in 21 academies across 15 high schools. Participating schools have experienced increased Academic Performance Index scores and higher senior graduation rates. The average graduation rate for students who participated in ITEP’s Internship Program stands at 97%.

ITEP’s industry advisory boards actively engage over 300 business, government, and educational leaders across multiple industries. Volunteers from local businesses offer students the insights and competence to thrive in the growing economy. Students build context between their studies and the real world through hands-on learning and carry that experience with them into the workplace. Likewise, industry partners build lasting relationships with the communities they serve and learn how to engage with and invest in the future workforce. ITEP reinforces a learning environment that motivates students, rewards ambition, and creates opportunity.

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