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API scores are up!

ITEP congratulates all five high schools  we work with on increasing their API Scores! The Academic Performance Index is an achievement gauge for California public schools based on standardized test results. Carson High School alone improved their score by 37 points for an official API score of 689, the highest score among LAUSD South Bay High Schools! Way to go, Colts! This great achievement is a product of the successful community partnerships among the schools, ITEP, and its industry volunteers.  Together, we are helping our young people think globally and earn locally. Our students rock!

Carson High School API Score for 2012 – 689 (Improvement of 37 over last year’s score 652)

Banning High School API Score for 2012 – 682 (Improvement of 23 over last year’s score 659)

Barstow High School API Score for 2012 – 696 (Improvement of 22 over last year’s score 674)

San Pedro High School API Score for 2012 – 716 (Improvement of 5 over last year’s score 711)

Gardena High School  API Score for 2012 – 633 (Improvement of 15 over last year’s score 61)

“I would like to express my gratitude to ITEP for their support throughout the years at Banning High School and Gardena High School. The support that you give students in the Small Learning Communities through  Community Advisory Boards, career presentations, summer internships, team building activities, and student recognition are the reasons our students stay on task to graduate. The partnership established with ITEP has allowed the resources to create an environment that is personable and nurturing. It is an experience that all students involved in an ITEP Academy will remember for a lifetime. The students that have benefited from the ITEP Academies are making positive contributions in the PORT because of your organization. We salute you, and thank you as we move into yet another exciting year of partnership.” -Rudy  J. Mendoza Principal, Phineas Banning High School

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Mojave XP Board Member Reuel Herron Wins ITEP Spirit Award

ITEP is proud to present Reuel Herron, Branch Manager of Desert Community Bank in Barstow, with the ITEP Spirit Award, in honor of his outstanding contributions and commitment to the students and staff of the Mojave X-Press Logistics Academy (Mojave XP) at Barstow High School during 2010-2012.

Reuel has been a very active member of the Mojave XP Advisory Board for the last two years, and, in addition to participating in the monthly advisory board meetings, he was also one of the first Coaches in the monthly Industry Coaches mentoring program for Mojave XP juniors this year.

For the last two summers, Reuel opened the doors of the Desert Community Bank for the Advisory Board Summer Planning Sessions, and has supported other on-campus and off-campus events. It is clear that he cares for the academy students and staff, and he will be missed as he leaves for a new position out of the area. All the best to you, Reuel!

At the meeting, we welcomed Rosella Bernal, new VP/ Branch Manager for the Barstow Branch, who will represent Desert Community Bank on the Advisory Board – thanks, Rosella!


By Harlene Stanley, ITEP Program Manager: GBAC, GESA, Mojave XP, SPEA

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Mojave XP hosts third annual Career Fair!

Mojave XP  Academy hosted its third Annual Career Fair on Tuesday, January 31, 2012, in the gym at Barstow High. With the United States Marine Corps, Army, and Navy in attendance, as well as ITEP Business Partners Barstow Community College, BNSF, Borax, and other local businesses and organizations, the students learned about various job opportunities and career options available in Barstow.

This year, in addition to the school’s 1,400 students, 60 visiting students from Central High School were able to meet with 20+ vendors and learn about local job opportunities and career options. Students also had the opportunity to do mock interviews with business representatives.

Thanks to the students, teachers, administration, and support staff behind the scenes for making Mojave XP’s 3rd Annual Career Fair a success!

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Pilots, Pirates, Aztecs AND Colts invade Terminal Island for a day of career discovery

On National Pearl Harbor Day, more than 265 ITEP Academy students from Banning, San Pedro, Carson and Barstow High School arrived at the US Coast Guard base on Terminal Island for a day of exploration and excitement in discovering the almost unlimited career opportunities within the United States Coast Guard. For some students, this was their first time seeing the Pacific Ocean.

After a few words from USCG Commander Andrew Clyburn, students rotated through five stations: Marine Safety and Security, Team K-9 Unit, CGC George Cobb, Base Support Unit Clinic San Pedro, Small Boat Station LA – LB, and the Coast Guard Recruiting Office LA. Students explored the CGC George Cobb, learned about scuba safety gear, watched as working dog Ryder and his handler did an explosives search demonstration, and competed in a push-up contest won by GBAC Lead Teacher Ms. Pettus-Alexander.

ITEP is very grateful for the close partnership it enjoys with the Coast Guard and appreciates the willingness of officers and enlisted personnel to participate in academy advisory boards, on-campus presentations, and student coaching. Most of our students would not realize the opportunities available in their own backyards if not for the determination of the Coast Guard to present awe-inspiring tours like you do. Special thanks to Lieutenant Arthur Loughran, Captain Roger Laferriere, and Commander Andrew Clyburn. Thank you Coasties!

For more photos check out our photo album

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Campus clean up is a step towards a successful career

The idea that a Campus Clean Up activity was going to help the Barstow High School Mojave XP Sophomores prepare for a successful career was a confusing one at first.  But they now understand that many important jobs in our community have to do with the importance of maintaining the roads, streets, parks, and other important aspects of the infrastructure of any community.

Mr. Ronnie Zamora, the Superintendent of Public Works for the City of Barstow, was the guest speaker at the first Campus Clean Up Event for the academy this year.  He volunteered his time to speak to about 30 sophomores on Tuesday, October 25th in the BHS Library.   These students chose to stay after school to hear him share about the jobs available in Public Works and other departments of the City of Barstow.  He answered questions about how to look for jobs online, what each job pays, what type of education and experience is needed for each job, and his own sense of satisfaction with his career choice.

Afterwards, students picked up rakes, hoes, and brooms and had a good time cleaning up the BHS campus.  Some students got a late start at cleaning because they had more questions they wanted to ask.  Mr. Zamora, who has been involved with the Mojave XP Academy in the past, moved easily into casual conversations with the students and provided a great learning experience for these BHS Mojave XP sophomores.

By: Harlene Stanley, Program Manager

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Mojave XP moves full steam ahead!

Barstow’s Mojave XP Logistics Academy is bustling with energy under the new leadership of Principal Derrick Delton and Lead Teacher, Ms. Solveig Kruse.  Over the past few months, ITEP has been working closely with these educators to support their goals for Barstow High School, while also connecting them to the broader network of career academies throughout the state.

Derrick Delton has worked for Barstow Unified School District since 2001 and brings a wealth of experience to his role as Principal.  From starting out as a Math teacher at Barstow High School,  Delton has also served as a coach for the girls varsity basketball team, vice principal at the high school, principal for Cameron Elementary School, and principal for Barstow Junior High School.

Solveig Kruse was appointed Lead Teacher for Mojave XP in September, taking over for Gary Johnson who has led the Academy for the past three years.  Kruse was recently honored as a County Teacher of the Year.  Her expertise in teaching Business Math, Marketing and Entrepreneurship classes aligns perfectly with Mojave XP’s goal of bringing industry into the classroom.

ITEP’s COO Bonnie Bair assisted Delton and Kruse in receiving a thorough orientation to the California Partnership Academy (CPA) system by facilitating their participation and accompanying them to the CPA Fall Institute in Sacramento sponsored by the California Department of Education.  Joined by over 400 teachers from across California, Delton and Kruse were able to attend workshops and learn best practices in how to prepare high school students to succeed in both college and careers.  “The CPA conference was very informative. It gave me the opportunity to meet with colleagues from around the state and pick their brains on how to make our program more effective” said Delton.

ITEP is very pleased to help Mojave XP Logistics Academy continue on its pathway to success. “Barstow is well on its way. Principal Delton and Ms. Kruse saw that they were a part of a major educational reform movement and that CPAs really work… they were excited” said Bair.

ITEP, along with the Mojave XP Advisory Board, led by former Mayor of Barstow and BNSF Executive, Lawrence Dale,  has just launched  the ITEP Industry Coaching Program. This is the fourth of ITEP’s academies to work with “Coaches” from business and industry who meet for monthly sessions with students and cover topics including:  Academics Matter, Preparing for My Career, College Prep, and Business Skills/Leadership Development.  Companies including Desert Community Bank, Teamsters Union Local 166, Barstow Unified School District, Marine Corps Logistics Base, and Brubaker Mann have all been scheduled to participate. “This is an excellent opportunity to build a bridge between students and the business world, and it gives young people the possibility for asking questions that they would not usually be able to ask of industry professionals” said Reuel Herron, Branch manager for Desert Community Bank and Mojave XP Advisory Board member. This is what the students had to say:

“I liked the industry coaches because some of us didn’t know each other and they taught us to meet each other in a business way that was really fun.”  – David Green

“Thank you for sharing about your career and how you did it and the steps it took you to do it.  And you taught us that there is more to life after high school.” -James Silva

“Thank you for sharing with us about your jobs and how you got there.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from you guys.”  – Nikki Aaron

Congratulations Barstow High School and Mojave XP Logistics Academy.  You’re on the right track and ITEP is behind you all the way!

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Thank you BNSF Railway Company!

BNSF Railway Company Matt Garland presents a check for $50,000 to ITEP's Carol Rowen to fund education programs at Banning High for next three years. The donation ceremony was held Friday, Dec. 12,, 2008 at a BNSF Railway Company terminal in Barstow. (Photo by Dave Park)

BNSF Railway Company Matt Garland presents a check for $50,000 to ITEP's Carol Rowen to fund education programs at Banning High for next three years. The donation ceremony was held Friday, Dec. 12,, 2008 at a BNSF Railway Company terminal in Barstow. (Photo by Dave Park)

Burlington-Northern Sante Fe Railway (BNSF) Company’s Mat Garland presented a check Friday, December 12, 2008, in Barstow to CEO Carol Rowen, International Trade Education Programs (ITEP) in an official ceremony at the Railway’s terminal in Barstow.

The railway, which operates one of the largest railroad networks in North America, has been a huge supporter of ITEP for programs, today’s funds will go toward ITEP  programs over the next three years.

“Sometimes it takes a train to help move a mountain of hope for the less fortunate and economically disadvantage and BNSF understands the value of our programs,” said CEO Carol Rowen, ITEP.  “BNSF was one of the first, and has been a long-time supporter of our programs that create opportunities in goods movement, transportation and logistics. This is a holiday blessing for ITEP.”

Rowen believes that minority and low-income students at Banning High will benefit the most.  “Students can see the railway tracks. They can hear the whistles and rumble. But they do not see the connection between these things and school. They do not picture themselves in a transportation — the life-blood of the Southern California economy — career. BNSF is providing this missing component for Barstow California high school students,” said Rowen.

The funds will help establish an international trade, transportation, and logistics “Mojave XP Academy” at Barstow High School, located in Barstow, California. ITEP will work with Burlington Northern Santa Fe’s (BNSF) to unite the Barstow business community to provide a connection between education and the real world of work.

“Academy students will be prepared to graduate, take entry-level jobs or continue on to college. Industry will have the beginnings of a pipeline of potential new workers for the trade, transportation and logistics job cluster. With BNSF support, ITEP plans to work with Barstow’s business and educational community to develop a life changing and community building logistics academy,” explained Rowen.

Barstow’s new academy is modeled after ITEP’s six-year pilot tested Academies at Phineas Banning High School, which produced historical and unmatched academic and professional improvements for students.

“Our programs help increase graduation rates, decrease dropout rates, and enhance standardized test scores,” she said. Even those students who did graduate from struggling schools rarely had opportunities or motivation to pursue further education or employment.  ITEP helps design programs to fulfill those needs by boosting education, work skills and work attitudes.”

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