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GBAC Entrepreneurs: Oh Snap!

During the 2011 fall semester, Global Business Academy Carson (GBAC) students at Carson High School started their own business through a class project that turned into a sustaining company with the help of GBAC Advisory Board members. Below is the story written by Matthew, Vice President of Marketing for Oh Snap!


GBAC Virtual Enterprise Business Simulation

Virtual Enterprise is a high school class that simulates a real business situation, from developing the financial statements to the virtual paychecks. During the Fall Semester of 2011, GBAC students decided to choose a photo booth company for their business project called, “Oh Snap! We don’t just take pictures – we make memories.”

Business partners from the GBAC Advisory Board, including Watson Land Company, Shell Pipeline, and Custom Goods, came to the class and presented various topics for students that would help them with Marketing, Human Resources, Purchasing, and Public Relations/Branding.

On April 16th, 2012, the class competed in the San Diego Trade Fair against schools all around the Southern California area, such as Irvine and Santa Monica. This was our first trade fair, and many of the students were nervous because it was their first time in San Diego.

We competed in Booth Design, Salesmanship, Financial Statements, Commercial, Billboards, and finally Sales Catalog. Booth Design is where we set up our booth and made it as presentable as possible. Salesmanship is how we talked to customers and how we convinced customers to buy our product. Financial Statements is a collective of our purchasing and our budget. The Commercial was a 30 second video that attracts the attention of our target audience. Finally, our Sales Catalog had all our packages and plans we sold to our customers.

We placed second in Salesmanship and Billboard. It was a wonderful thing, and we were quite surprised because it was our first time competing in a trade fair with over 50 different competitors.

Thank you ITEP, for speaking and guiding our business to success. Without you we may not have gone as far as we have.



About Us:
Oh Snap!™ isn’t your everyday regular photo booth, nor is it run by your average group of people. The idea of Oh Snap!™ was formulated by students from Carson Senior High School and we have done our best building it from the ground up with the guidance of adults, including members of the GBAC Advisory Board. Our goal is to bring a whole new photo booth experience to our customers from a young adult’s point of view.

Mission Statement:

Oh Snap!™ is a portable photo booth business that brings smiles to people and captures the memories of one’s fondest moments. We provide a variety of services that can enhance one’s photo booth experience and create unforgettable memories. We are determined to provide our customers with the best possible experience and guarantee a memory that consists of joy and happiness.

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